Where to Watch New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Online

New Orleans Saints VS Arizona Cardinals Live StreamWith the 2015 NFL regular season around the corner, fans, analysts and players are already putting in their finest in preparation for their very first games. As New Orleans Saints prepare to begin their very first pair up versus Arizona Cardinals on Septermber 13th at the University of Phoenix stadium, lots of specialists are bidding on a close confrontation. The New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals will be the preambler to the Saint’s friendliest year in the current past. The Cardinals, on the other hand, though powerful will need to handle the concrete departure of their star cornerback, Antonio Cromartie.

Arizona Cardinals have discovered a Perfect Replacement in Powers. With Jerraude Powers currently powering up for the New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals opener, the Cardinals are might have a chance of providing some good competitors to their visitors this September.

Considering that Arizona Cardinal’s GM, Steve Keim chose to choose Alfonzo Dennard rather than a physically menacing cornerback, we can assume that he is confident of his present team’s ability to hold its own through the 2015-2016 season. The coach, Bruce Arians, is positive that Powers’ flexibility and persistence will make him a perfect replacement for the left pro bowler.

Stats have the odds in Powers’ favor. Although Cromartie got the Pro Bowl this previous season, his negative 1.5 protection grade is inferior to Powers’ plus 5.0 protection grade. This figures put Powers amongst the very best of the Cardinals cornerbacks and a general 23rd position in the total NFL ranking. With such a portfolio, we can admit that New Orleans will certainly be up against a solid team that will offer them a good push for their money.

New Orleans Saints are on their Smoothest Launch in Two Seasons

The New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals would be the friendliest kick-off for New Orleans in 2 seasons. A minimum of they will not be starting the season on a high note versus arch-rival like Atlanta. The league match-up leaves them with just 3 high-end video games. With Cowboys, Falcons and Lions playing them on home ground, New Orleans might have what it requires to improve on their 7-9 surface at the 2014 league and at least make it to the playoffs.

Although we can not dismiss the New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals as a dummy (Cardinals finished on an 11-5 tally and made it to the 2014 playoffs), we can easily conclude that the Saints are treading on a smoother patch and have greater opportunities of improving on their past efficiencies.


The Cardinals seem to have all their positions covered. The training results and group confidence is high. New Orleans Saints might be on an easy pair up but that is as far as their luck runs in this game. The Cardinals will have a lot to show, and they have the ability. New Orleans will certainly struggle to start on a high note. I see a tight game with a really thin triumph margin on in any case.