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NFL Live StreamThe week 2 season for the two struggling teams, Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns is scheduled on September 20 at First Energy Stadium,Cleveland ,OH at 1.00 pm ET (CBS). The power ranking by ESPN placed Browns on the 28th rank and despite leading Titans by 4th place, biggest drop has been noted for Browns.The Browns allowed a league worst 2,265 rushing yards last season.Despite this,they have won 7 out of 11 games, and with the three front seven defenders in the first three rounds ,hope is built on 2015.On the 32th ranking by ESPN power ranking stand the Titans and are drafted second overall since 1967.

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Though there is the lack of talented players in Titans,young offensive linesmen like Taylor Lewan and a Chance Warmack can prove to step front at the position. After Jake locker failed due to injury ,Zach Mettenberger is taking lead in Titan’s offseason and he may prove himself to be the premium player. Besides,Jamies Winston strength to run around the field,and his style of playing can put the team as No.1.As Wright has serious belief on Zach’s confidence to leading Tennessee Titans, but with droughts of serious talented players in Titans,the team needs a lot players in positions to rebound in the draft 2015.And with the coach Mike Pettine, Browns can take a better shape this year .Pettine has started a new assignment after Kyle Shanahan resigned with his times due early in contract. So,the fangs of competition struck on Pettine. He must succeed in proving himself worth over Shanahan,who had been admirable in 2014 for Browns. Both the teams would field some players coveted in the entire draft process,making Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns game to l entice the spectators some worthy game ahead.

At the time around,Browns have first two round to Titans for No.2 pick in NFL draft,which the Browns would use to draft Mariota.Browns has still been looking on Manziel as to shape up this draft. His first debut was on vain but he is to be given second chance. He is likely to survive quarterback because he is but a talented guy for Browns. Unlike the Browns having a difficult schedule this year, Titans have speed up and showing some great potential trade.Titan’s inaugurated this year off season with a victorious win at Kansas City. With Jake Locker injured but Zach turning out capable,and taking advantage over Cleverland defense,allowed 154 yards per game on ground,there is chances to make a difference. However in a real statistic,Browns are on the pick with Titans 0-6 in their last six spots.So, indeed the quest for a quarterback of future is expected in the coming game of Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns. Watch Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns Game live via Online Streaming HERE!