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NFL Live StreamWe all are getting excited, because we are entering into the second week of NFL regular season. Here we are about to see who is going to be NFC East’s best. A match between two rivals, because they want to prove themselves on the field. It’s a match between Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles on SUNDAY, SEP 20TH 4:25 PM ET AT Lincoln Financial Field.

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The game between Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles is going to be a high intensity match. Cowboys would able to rely on the running game as much this season had they retained DeMarco Murray. What he did in 2014 (1,845 yards on 392 carries) was historic. Since Murray plays for Eagles from this season, he knows that the Eagles and their fans want him to prove himself. Both Coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan told that the Cowboys’ plan will remain the same at 2015 even without having Murray on their team. I believe the Cowboys will be fine running the ball. Will they gain 2,354 yards like they did in 2014? The Cowboys remain the odds-on favorite to win the NFC East in 2015 but the Eagles are getting a lot of recognition this week from some experts. LeSean McCoy was traded away by the Eagles during the off season, the head coach Chip Kelly was not paying some hefty price to important players. But making a five year deal worth 40 million dollar deal with 21 million guaranteed sums for DeMarco Murray proved everyone wrong that he is not skeptical towards paying for what they are worth off. DeMarco Murray would be a Cowboy had there not been a salary cap. Murray will be better off with the help of Ryan Mathew’s presence. But I don’t know will that be sufficient enough.

In the game between Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles, who is going to come on top, will it be Cowboys or Eagles. The Cowboys have the best offensive line and as well as the receiving corps. Tony Romo is a far more accomplished passer than Sam Bradford, because despite being older, he’s much stronger, long lasting and made to last than Bradford. The rivalry will be even better due to Murray’s departure, but the Cowboys are the better team when compared to the Eagles. And I’m not sure it will be that close. In a report, Murray commented that Dallas Cowboys offensive line should not get the credit that they are receiving for his breakout during 2014 campaign. Watch Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Game live via Online Streaming HERE!