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Atlanta Falcons to Face New York Giants in Week 2 of the 2015 NFL Games

NFL Live Streaming OnlineAfter the Falcons lost to the New York Giants on the road in Week 5 2014 regular NFL period, this is a new season providing them the opportunity to redeem themselves. The Giants on the other hand will be seeking to keep their winning stature and with the home advantage, they appear to be the luckier ones. The Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants game will happen in New York at the MetLife Stadium on the second week of the 2015 regular NFL games. This will certainly be the season opener for the Giants however the Falcons will certainly have played in week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Who will emerge triumphant and who will lose?

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The Giants are a strong group to contend with however in current seasons, they have not been performing that well. This year their aim will certainly be to get to the playoffs, a position that has actually evaded them ever since 2011 when they won the Superbowl XLVI. The new team formed now will be much stronger with Beckham being joined by Victor Cruz to provide wide receiver duos that is amongst the best seen this season. With Eli Manning joining the pass defense team, the team’s defense is likely to be much better than it was last period. Matt Ryans and Julio Jones join the line-up enhancing the chances in favor of the eagles much more. With their win over the Falcons in 2015, it is time for the Giants to prove their worth this season.

The Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants game will certainly not be one-sided. The possibilities of the Falcons winning are also rather high thanks to their altered line-up. The very first change is a new head coach for the season with Dan Quinn filling the position. With his track record of success in football, he is likely to be the next huge NFL coach and the team of coaches he has imported for aid will be of fantastic impact. With Matt Ryan as center, Desmond Trufant on the sides and Julio Jones and Roddy White running downfield the game play is likely to be terrific. It is time for the Falcons to obtain their sweet vengeance.

With both groups bringing aboard fantastic modifications, the Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants will certainly be a game to keep an eye out for by all NFL fans. You can anticipate enjoyable and surprises at the game. Who you expect to win may not win as both teams bring equivalent strengths on the field come the 2nd week of the period.