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Event: NFL 2016 Regular Season Week 1
Match: Chicago Bears vs Houston Texans
Date: September 11, 2016
Kickoff: 1:00 PM ET
Stadium: NRG Stadium

The NFL, or the National Football League, is the biggest and most prominent American football league in the United States. If you are an NFL enthusiast, you’re probably the type who tunes in to the games as early as the preseason. While having a TV with sports channel subscription will allow fans to be in the know with the 2016 season, others may not be so fortunate. Some may not always have access to a TV or some may not have cable subscription at all.

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The good thing is, it is now possible to watch NFL games live even without TV or football bundles from cable companies. As long as you have internet connection, a laptop or a PC, or even a tablet or a mobile device, you can now watch NFL live stream anywhere you want.

The other great thing about watching NFL football online is the fact that you can virtually watch your games anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Relaxing in your room? Watch NFL football on your laptop or computer. Stuck at school or at work? Watch NFL football through your smartphone or tablet. You can even watch NFL football online and still be able to run the errands that you need to finish.

The key here is to choose the NFL live stream provider wisely. It is understandable that some may want to look for free NFL live stream but the problem with those sites is that video quality is rarely commendable.

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To watch your favorite NFL games online for free is nothing close to a good deal. It might be true that something is much better than nothing, and NFL live stream is the next best thing to leeching off your buddy’s premium account or missing the game entirely.

In addition, missing a match should be no problem because you have the option to watch it at a later time.Subscriptions to premium NFL packages is not exactly a cheap price to pay, and for this reason some football fans opt to go to sports bars or to leech off their friends’ NFL accounts to see their favorite teams play live. What option do you have if cable TV or premium NFL passes are not something you’re willing to spend for? If that is the case, where to watch NFL games then?

The good thing about this is that you can practically watch games wherever and whenever you like. All you need is a stable internet connection and of course, a reliable NFL streaming website. If you want to ensure that you will be watching high quality videos, however, you should be ready to pay for watch games wherever and whenever you like.

Where to Watch Chicago Bears vs Houston Texans Game via Live Streaming

Many websites will offer streams for free, and while this may sound like a good enough deal, be wary because you may only end up feeling utterly frustrated. This is because free streaming will rarely give you high quality video streams. The video may freeze, lag, or flicker, and the sound may even drop while you’re watching the game. And who would want their game to be disrupted just when the excitement levels are already soaring high? While there are people who will force themselves to be satisfied with this than to miss the whole match, there are also those who don’t want to deal with this. They will certainly try to find out where to watch NFL games in a better way.

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Bears Looking To Upend Thriving Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears Live Streaming OnlineThe Chicago Bears have been willing to make some significant modifications on defense. The group is now trying Jared Allen out as an outside linebacker. As you take a look at the Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears matchup, you will need to take a look at the changes the Bears have made by encouraging gamers like security Ryan Mundy to focus more on his standard dealing with skills, instead of simply introducing himself at individuals like Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. The game will certainly happen on Sunday, Sept. 20th, 2015 1PM at Soldier Field in Chicago.

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Arizona Cardinals Schedules for the 2015 Season

Chicago Bears Schedules for this season

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Levi Norwood is going to play the slot receiver position for the Bears in his rookie period from Baylor. The Bears are looking to improve their secondary with the signing of Antrel Rolle and Tracy Porter. Porter is called the better cover cornerback of the two, however Rolle is more capable of tackling people outdoors field. A crucial concern in this contest is whether veteran defensive linemen like Jeremiah Ratliff can get the sort of push up field in order to tackle a slippery running back like Andre Ellington. Ellington is probably the most practical running back on the Arizona Cardinals roster. You need to have the ability to find methods to make sure that the Cardinals have the ability to control Matt Forte, and they would have the ability to do that through the play of a knowledgeable linebacker like LaMarr Woodley.


Kyle Long and players like him have actually aimed to bring consistency to the Bears offending line. Kevin Minter, as a blitzing linebacker is going to aim to create havoc and make things challenging for Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Long has to be able to detect the different blitzes that Minter and Cardinals players will toss at him. The Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears game is going to boil down to some of the core functions of a football team. A full back is presently not on the Chicago Bears roster. If you desire the wide outs like Alshon Jeffrey and Eddie Royal to be able to prosper, you have to focus on the different blocking plans that have been installed.

Defensive Backs

We saw the battles that the Bears had in the defensive backfield, this is despite the fact that a good sphere hawking corner like Kyle Fuller is absolutely available. Carson Palmer is going to have the ability to exploit some of those holes in the Bears secondary and we can see an extremely competitive game when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears contest. Confidence is going to play a vital function here, and if Alshon Jeffrey and Jay Cutler are not positive then there could be trouble.

Where to watch Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears NFL Live Stream

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears NFL Live StreamThe much awaited NFL 2015 season kickoff begins in a great fashion, with the minds of Americans glued to their televisions would like to know who will certainly emerge triumphant this fine season. The main game to watch come Sunday, September 13th is against Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears at the Soldier Field at 1:00 pm ET.

The game obviously will be on thanksgiving and it being a vacation the season tickets for the game with be at a high of $393 on the secondary market and nevertheless much it brings 2 of the greatest competitors to the pitch, Brett Favre playing No. 4 for the Packers will retire at half time. The Chicago Bears did not have a very good season in 2013 and parted methods with Brandon Marshall their star at the receiving end in the off-season.

Home and away, the Bears lost both of their games to the Green Bay Packers when they satisfied in week 4 and 10 with drastic margins of 38-17 and 55-14 respectively. The Packers proceeded to the NFC Championship Game but went shy to the Seattle Sea hawks which meant they did not qualify the Super Bowl Appearance that would have been their sixth entry in the Bowl appearance in history.

Being a new season 2015 and in week one, John Fox will certainly debut as the Bears coach. Aaron Charles Rodgers has a success run on his journeys to Soldier field. Having being called the Superbowl MVP after leading the Packers to a success in the Superbowl XLV. In current appearances in the Soldier Pitch, he has actually made 12 goals, 1208 backyards, 3 turnovers, a 0.695 % completion portion and leading the Packers to 4 victories in the same stadium

In the case that the Packers lose to the Bears, it would raise many eyebrows and the indefinite rivalry would continue to be at an all time high with the previous success being evident of their supremacy. A successful in this game would set the mood for the beginning season. A loss nevertheless would reduce the spirit of the players as the season begins. The Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears game may turn out to be among the best days and a great match to begin the season.


This will certainly turn out to be another anxiety filled game with both rivals wishing to distress the other. I make sure the fans will certainly come out in numbers hoping and praying their team takes it. With the speed that the Green Bay Packers have over the Chicago Bears led by Aaron Charles it may become definitive. The Bears however have actually not lost an opening match except for the Bills disappointment at their first game. In all fairness the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears is a have to watch for every fanatic of the game bringing two great teams with fantastic aspiration to acquire those boasting rights.